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Hi ! I'm Simon 28 , French, web designer.

When I was asked at 8 what job i would like to do, I remember answering that I wanted to be an inventor. There's nothing closer to being an inventor nowadays than to design and build experience for the digital industry.

I came to this realisation fairly recently. Before I got there, I went through many steps. I studied graphic design in Nantes, at école Sépia. I always was curious. Books, science, new technology… I slowly got more and more interested about web design. I learn fast. Then I moved further to Front-end development.

After studying in France, I worked there for 1 year, then I had the great luck to find a job in Amsterdam. I stayed there 2 years before going on an entrepreneurship adventure. I started my own company for a year. It didn't quite work how I thought it would, but I learned a lot about myself. This proved to be useful when I came back to Amsterdam a year later. I managed a team of 5 designers, tasking & training them. And the last step of this journee brings me back to Nantes, the city where I studied. I'm now teaching to a new generation of graphic designers in 2 different schools, MJM Graphic Design & L'École Brassart.

Which brings us to now, and to you, reading this.

So What now? I want to explore new territories, new roles, and figure out what I'd like to do in 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years. Maybe find new areas to express my creativity in. If you have any idea where that might be, send me a message.

Meanwhile I'll keep experimenting. I started a newsletter about music recently and I'm exploring e-commerce and developing small javascript websites. I'm also looking for a job.


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Simon is pretty versatile.
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Simon is pretty skilled.
Here are the different skills you can switch him in.

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